August 15, 2009

Getting imported treats in Canada

An off topic blog post this evening that I thought would be interesting to fellow immigrants and ex-patriots in Canada - the topic of "Where the hell do I go to get all my favourite junk food now I'm here?!".

It's tough as all hell to find decent stores to get our imported favourites in Canada, they're poorly advertised and don't show up on Google unless you type exactly the right search. So I thought I'd compile my last few years of "research" by posting the places that I obtain all my imported junk food.

Most of these places will ship within Canada, but some of them don't and therefore you'll need to be in the same city as them:

A Bit Of Home - 600 Burnhamthorpe Rd, Mississauga, ON (Ships within Canada)

Blightys - 88 First St, Orangeville, ON (Ships within Canada)

British Isles Shoppe - 2525 Bayly St, Ajax (Ships within Canada)

Mrs. Bridges British Bakery - 322 Eddystone Ave, Toronto (Delivers in GTA, will ship outside GTA with special arrangement)

The Chocolate Box - 415 Donlands Ave, East York (Delivers in the GTA)

A Good Taste of Britain - Eau Claire Market, Calgary

The British Pantry - 4820 Northland Drive, Calgary, AB

Celtic Treasure Chest - 5639 Dunbar St, Vancouver, BC

Black Pudding - 20243 62 Avenue - Langley BC

Simply Australian - Rainier, WA (Delivers in North America - for a fee) - Victoria, Australia (Ships Worldwide)

A great place to track down other import food stores in Canada (or anywhere else in North America for that matter) is Chowhound.



  1. Funny ... I'm a British ex-pat living in Dallas. I've been in the US for so long now that I'm sure England would feel alien to me at this point. I still have some cravings from the old country though ... if someone could find somewhere that would import those little pork pies that they serve with sandwiches in the UK I would be very happy.

  2. Hey Andrew, thanks for your comment - you should try The British Emporium in Grapevine, TX. I'm sure they'd have what you're looking for. You can even shop on their site online. It looks like they carry meats, so I would imagine they would have those little individual Melton Mowbray Pork Pies. Anyway, check them out at